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May 02, 2014

DCCC Launches New Website Highlighting House Republicans’ ‘House of Scandal’

With one of their own indicted just this week, this Republican Congress is under a growing cloud of scandal – despite their promises for “zero tolerance.” To help voters  keep track of all the indictments, ethical violations, mistresses and embezzlements, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is launching a, a handy guide to House Republicans’ misdeeds.

When Republican leaders took over Congress, they promised a “zero tolerance” policy on ethics violations and misconduct, but makes it clear that that policy has gone out the window. In fact, just this week House Republicans have refused to show “zero tolerance” to embattled Congressman Michael Grimm after a 20-count federal indictment.

“This Republican Congress has become a Republican House of Scandal, which is why the DCCC is launching to help voters keep all Republicans’ offenses straight,” said Josh Schwerin of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “It’s scandalous enough that House Republicans continue to stack the deck in favor of special interests at the expense of the middle class – it’s even worse that they’re doing it under a cloud of indictments and ethics investigations.”


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