Campaign 2010

Mar 04, 2014

DCCC Launches ‘House of Carl’ Tumblr Page

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today is launching, a site dedicated to highlighting Carl DeMaio’s extreme record that California’s 52nd Congressional district voters know well.

This Tumblr page will remind viewers that no matter how many times DeMaio refers to himself as a “new generation Republican” or compares himself to pop culture’s most notorious political villain, he cannot rewrite his record of division, contradictory rhetoric, and praise for the Tea Party.

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“As the ‘King of the Gimmick’, Carl DeMaio has long tried to mask his extreme record with slick ads and so-called “reform agenda” – but San Diegans didn’t buy it in 2012, and they won’t in 2014,” said Tyrone Gayle of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “While DeMaio tries to avoid talking about his real record and devastating Tea Party agenda, this site will be a constant reminder of DeMaio’s out-of-step priorities that wouldn’t look out for San Diego middle class families.”