Campaign 2010

Aug 06, 2008

DCCC IE Hits Back Against Newest Round of Deceptive Freedomís Watch Radio Ads

The DCCC IE will run radio ads in 10 House districts


The DCCC Independent Expenditure (IE) today announced it will launch radio ads across the country responding to Freedom's Watch latest bogus claims. Freedom's Watch has put more deceptive radio ads on the air as part of the shady, soft money group's plan to try to defeat Democratic congressional candidates.  


Freedom's Watch is operating as the cash-strapped NRCC's de facto independent expenditure campaign. The organization has close ties to President George Bush and Senator John McCain and is funded, staffed, and guided by a "who's who" of Republican operatives known for their win-at-all-cost tactics, including Karl Rove.


The DCCC IE will run radio ads in 10 House districts where Freedom's Watch has misleading ads on the air. The radio ads will begin airing on Friday and track the Freedom's Watch buy in the following Districts:



  • ID-01
  • LA-06
  • MI-07
  • MO-06
  • NH-01
  • NM-01
  • NY-29
  • OH-15
  • OH-16
  • PA-10