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Sep 25, 2012

DCCC Hangs “Fire the Tea Party Congress” Banner On the Side of Headquarters

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today hung a “Fire the Tea Party Congress” banner on the side of the building.

On Friday, DCCC Chairman Steve Israel and about a dozen top-tier Red to Blue candidates gave a Pink Slip Notice of Termination to this Tea Party Republican Majority.  Republicans have earned a notice of termination for: voting to end Medicare; protecting tax breaks for millionaires instead of tax cuts for the middle class and Medicare for seniors; siding with corporations that ship American jobs overseas; failing to pass a comprehensive jobs bill, Farm bill, reauthorize VAWA or stop the middle class tax increases; and waging an extreme assault on women’s health care that denies access and choice.

“Democrats are turning up the pressure on the House Republicans’ failed Tea Party experiment by hanging a ‘Fire the Tea Party Congress’ banner as part of an aggressive campaign to oust this Republican Majority,” said Jesse Ferguson of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “After two years of failing to get the job done it’s time to Fire the Tea Party Congress – for cause.”

Fire the Tea Party Congress Banner Outside Democratic National Headquarters



Additional pictures are available here.

Voters who want to Fire the Tea Party Congress can sign a petition here.