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Jun 06, 2014

DCCC Expands Offense, As Chairman Israel Adds Nine Candidates to Red To Blue Program

In a move that expands the midterm House battlefield into more Democratic pickup opportunities, DCCC Chairman Steve Israel today added nine candidates to the Committee’s highly-competitive Red to Blue program, and added five additional districts to the Emerging Races program. The DCCC’s signature offense program now features 40 pickup opportunities: 27 Red to Blue candidates and districts and 13 Emerging races and districts. The candidates in these races earned a spot on Red to Blue by surpassing aggressive fundraising, organization and infrastructure goals.

“These strong candidates have all shown an unwavering dedication to growing an economy that works for middle class families, and proved they will take the fight to this Republican Congress that continually stacks the deck for special interests and protects their own perks at the expense of everyone else,” said Chairman Israel. “All of these candidates have met and surpassed demanding campaign goals, and shown they have a path to victory and have what it takes to win. I look forward to working with them through November to build campaigns that give voice to all the middle class voters left behind by this Republican Congress.”

The following candidates were added to the Red to Blue Program:

AR-04 – James Lee Witt

CA-10 – Michael Eggman

CA-31 – Pete Aguilar

IA-01 – Pat Murphy

IA-04 – Jim Mowrer

NE-02 – Brad Ashford

PA-06 – Manan Trivedi

PA-08 – Kevin Strouse

WV-02 – Nick Casey

The following candidates were added to the Emerging Races Program:

IN-02 – Joe Bock

KY-06 – Elisabeth Jensen

MN-02 – Mike Obermueller

ND-AL – George Sinner

WV-01 – Glen Gainer


About Red to Blue

The DCCC’s Red to Blue program highlights top Democratic campaigns across the country, and offers them financial, communications, grassroots, and strategic support. The program will introduce Democratic supporters to new, competitive candidates in order to help expand the fundraising base for these campaigns. 

About Emerging Races

Emerging Races highlights candidates and districts that are making themselves competitive by running smart campaigns which are becoming increasingly competitive.