Campaign 2010

Oct 22, 2012

DCCC Continues on Airwaves Holding Tea Party House Republicans Accountable

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee continued on offense this past week, holding Tea Party Republicans accountable for their extreme agenda of putting millionaires ahead of Medicare and the middle class and playing politics with women’s health. 

Take a look at examples of the ads from last week for yourself.

CA-09: Republican candidate Ricky Gill.  “His Job.”  Ricky Gill continuously inflates his resume when in reality, he has never held a full-time job and Gill won’t create jobs because he supports tax breaks for corporations that ship jobs overseas.

CO-03: Congressman Scott Tipton. “Playing Politics.”  Congressman Scott Tipton voted to cut off funding for women’s health services and plays politics with women’s health.  

CO-06: Congressman Mike Coffman. “Values.”  Congressman Mike Coffman opposes abortion even in cases of rape and incest and tried to deny women access to common forms of birth control.

FL-02: Congressman Steve Southerland.  “My Guy.”  Congressman Southerland voted to put Florida seniors’ retirement in jeopardy, voting twice to slash Medicare in order to give tax breaks to millionaires.

IL-12: Republican candidate Jason Plummer. “Drowning.”  Jason Plummer signed a special interest pledge to protect tax breaks for millionaires and for corporations that ship American jobs overseas while making the middle class pay more.

IL-17: Congressman Bobby Schilling. “Work.”  Congressman Schilling voted to end the Medicare guarantee just to give new tax breaks for millionaires.

NH-01: Congressman Frank Guinta.  “Regular.”  Congressman Guinta voted to raise taxes on the middle class by more than $1,000 while giving hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax breaks to millionaires. 

NV-03: Congressman Joe Heck.  “Scheme.”  Congressman Heck doubled downed on his comments calling Social Security a “pyramid scheme” and supports privatizing the program that Nevada seniors rely on, risking their retirement on the stock market while Wall Street banks make billions.  

NY-19: Congressman Chris Gibson.  “Right-Wing.”  Congressman Gibson voted to end funding for Planned Parenthood and limit women’s access to cancer screenings and contraception. 

OH-16: Congressman Jim Renacci.  “Earned.”  Congressman Renacci opposed combat bonus increases for our troops while voting to give himself and other millionaires new tax cuts and failing to pay his own taxes.

PA-12: Republican candidate Keith Rothfus.  “$6,400.”  Keith Rothfus praised a plan that would end Medicare and force seniors to pay $6,400 more per year while giving tax breaks to millionaires like himself.  

WI-07: Congressman Sean Duffy.  “Calls.” Congressman Duffy wants to shift the tax burden to middle class families and voted to raise middle class taxes over a thousand a year.