Campaign 2010

Sep 25, 2012

DCCC Continues Offense on Airwaves, Exposing Ryan Budget

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee continues on offense with hard-hitting ads this week holding Republicans accountable for their wrong priorities.  The majority of these ads focus on Republicans who back Congressman Paul Ryan’s plan to end Medicare while giving tax breaks to millionaires or companies shipping jobs overseas.

Take a look at examples of the ads for yourself.

AZ-09. Republican candidate Vernon Parker. “Everything.” Tea Party Republican Vernon Parker touted a plan that would replace Medicare, end the Social Security guarantee and abolish the Department of Education.

CA-36: Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack. “Time to Cut Our Losses.” Congresswoman Bono Mack sides with special interests over seniors and has taken campaign contributions from the insurance industry while voting to end Medicare.

CA-52: Congressman Brian Bilbray. “Some Things.” Congressman Bilbray is a career politician and lobbyist who sides with special interests over the middle class.

CO-06: Congressman Mike Coffman. “Backwards.” Congressman Coffman has a record of turning his back on the middle class and would ban many forms of birth control, opposes abortions even in cases of rape and incest, and voted to end Medicare more to fund tax breaks for millionaires.

CT-05: Republican candidate Andrew Roraback. “Votes.” Roraback will fit in with Washington Tea Party Republicans and the Republican plan to end Medicare.

IL-12: Republican candidate Jason Plummer. Obvious.” Jason Plummer praised the Republican plan to end Medicare which would make seniors negotiate with insurance companies for coverage and millionaires would get a brand new tax cut.

NC-07: Republican candidate David Rouzer. “Ending Medicare, Outsourcing Jobs.” David Rouzer supports a plan that gives more tax breaks to corporations shipping American jobs overseas and supports pays for those tax breaks by ending Medicare.

NY-19: Congressman Chris Gibson. “Party First.” Congressman Gibson puts his party – including Mitt Romney – before seniors and the middle class. Gibson supported a budget that ends Medicare and will force seniors to pay more for coverage.

NY-21: Republican candidate Matt Doheny. “Too Far.” Republican Matt Doheny thinks Paul Ryan’s plan to end Medicare and increase seniors’ health care costs to give millionaires tax cuts doesn’t go far enough

NY-24: Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle. “Only in Washington.” Congresswoman Buerkle isn’t looking out for seniors and voted to end Medicare while protect tax cuts for millionaires.  

NV-03: Congressman Joe Heck. “Heck No.” Congressman Heck opposes a women’s right to choose, voted against requiring insurance companies to cover the life-saving HPV vaccine and voted against funding for Planned Parenthood. 

WI-07: Congressman Sean Duffy. “For Life.” Congressman Duffy voted to give himself taxpayer funded health care for life, but supported gutting Medicare and forcing seniors to pay more.