Campaign 2010

Apr 15, 2010

DCCC Chairman Van Hollenís Tax Day Statement

On tax day, DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen released the following statement on Americans receiving over $800 billion in tax cuts, which House Republicans were adamantly opposed to.

“This tax day, Americans’ average tax refund will increase to a record $3,000 per tax payer.  House Democrats, working with President Obama, have focused tax relief on middle class families and small businesses, unlike Republicans who continue to push for tax breaks for big corporations and the wealthy.


“There is a clear difference between Republicans and Democrats: Republicans continue to block progress by standing with Wall Street at the expense of middle class families.  Republican Leader John Boehner and House Republicans are actually fighting to increase taxes by repealing health insurance reform that included the largest health care tax break in history for middle class families and small businesses.


“House Democrats will remain focused on putting people back to work, providing tax relief to middle class families and small businesses and will hold House Republicans accountable for only looking out for their special interest backers.”