Campaign 2010

Oct 01, 2013

DCCC Chairman Steve Israel’s Statement on Launch of Affordable Care Act Exchanges

“For the first time, millions of uninsured Americans now have access to affordable medical care, and insurance companies no longer have free rein to raise rates and deny coverage. With insurance exchanges launching today, we’ve already seen the enthusiasm and results – costs are down, lowering premiums for middle class families and putting affordable coverage within reach of millions of Americans for the first time, instead of padding insurance companies’ profits.

“While House Republicans will continue their obsessive and reckless quest to hold the economy hostage over the Affordable Care Act, they have been exposed for their misplaced priorities: putting insurance companies’ profits ahead of middle class families. Americans want us to come together to improve the Affordable Care Act – not repeal it – and House Republicans will have to defend their flawed priorities to voters in the next election.”