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Oct 09, 2013

DCCC Chairman Steve Israel’s Statement on Janet Yellen’s Nomination as Chair of Federal Reserve

DCCC Chairman Steve Israel released the following statement congratulating Janet Yellen on her nomination by President Obama to serve as the Chair of the Federal Reserve:

“Janet Yellen has served our country with dedication and skill as Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve’s board, and I am thrilled that President Obama has chosen her to lead our nation’s monetary policy as we work to speed our economic recovery and create jobs for the middle class. Janet Yellen’s appointment will also serve as one more welcome crack in the country’s glass ceiling, as she makes history as the first woman to serve in the country’s most powerful economic position.

“As House Republicans lurch the United States from one manufactured economic crisis to the next, it is more critical than ever that we have a steady hand guiding the Federal Reserve System. I am confident that Janet Yellen will provide that sound guidance, and I look forward to working with my fellow House Democrats to support the Fed and create jobs that will grow our economy and middle class.”