Campaign 2010

Mar 11, 2014

DCCC Chairman Steve Israel’s Statement on FL-13 Special Election

DCCC Chairman Steve Israel released the following statement about Florida’s 13th Congressional District special election.

“I want to congratulate Alex Sink on a hard-fought campaign. Alex has spent her career fighting for Florida families and bringing people together to get results – and this campaign was no exception. Alex put this district in play despite Republicans spending $5 million against her, and she came closer to victory in a historically Republican district than any Democrat has in decades.

“Democrats will fight for FL-13 in the midterm, when the electorate is far less heavily tilted toward Republicans. Despite those millions from Republican outside groups, they underperformed because the only message they offered voters – repealing the ACA – is out of touch and failed to bring them even close to their historically wide margins.

“House Democrats are in a strong position, with 19 districts in the Red to Blue program and another 16 districts named as Emerging that have the potential to be competitive. The open seat battlefield also continues to tilt heavily in Democrats’ favor, with 10 opportunities for Democratic gains compared with only three for Republicans.”