Campaign 2010

Apr 11, 2014

DCCC Chairman Steve Israel’s Statement on Congressman Petri’s Retirement in WI-06

DCCC Chairman Steve Israel released the following statement after Congressman Tom Petri announced his retirement in Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District.

“Yet another moderate, high-ranking Republican is abandoning Speaker Boehner’s no-moderates-allowed Congress. It’s no wonder that Congressman Petri has had enough after this week – when Republicans in Congress passed another out-of-touch budget that stacks the deck for special interests at the expense of the middle class. Congressman Petri is just the latest on the growing list of senior House Republicans who would rather retire than defend this toxic Republican Congress.

“This brings to 12 the number of potentially competitive open seats House Republicans must defend, compared to only three for Democrats, as moderate Republicans to continue to flee this Republican Congress and its wrong priorities that put special interests ahead of the middle class.”