Campaign 2010

Sep 10, 2010

DCCC Chair Chris Van Hollen’s Statement on Republicans’ Threat to Shut Down the Federal Government

DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen’s Statement on Republicans’ Threat to Shut Down the Federal Government


DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen released the following statement today on the NRCC Vice Chairman’s threat that Republicans will shut down the federal government if they were to win the election in November. 

“House Republicans’ agenda could not be more clear – tax breaks for companies that ship American jobs overseas, privatize Social Security and Medicare, and repeal Wall Street reforms.  If they don’t get their way, Republican leaders say they will shut the government down like Newt Gingrich and John Boehner did in 1995.  Americans want to move our country forward, not go back. 

“The Republicans’ plan to shut down the government would mean that millions of seniors wouldn’t get their Social Security checks or Medicare coverage and  America’s veterans wouldn’t get the benefits they earned.  While American troops are in harms’ way, it is outrageous that Republican leaders would even consider shutting down the government.”



GOP rep. eyes government shutdown
By: James Hohmann
September 10, 2010 01:39 PM EDTA prominent Republican congressman raised the specter Friday of a government shutdown if the GOP wins control of the House. 

Speaking to hundreds of activists gathered at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington for the Faith and Freedom Conference, Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-Ga.) urged the audience to stand with House Republicans when they go toe-to-toe with President Barack Obama. 

Westmoreland said his caucus – presuming it takes control of the House come November – aims to pass spending bills that Obama is likely to veto. He predicted Republicans would not be able to override such a veto, creating a standoff that could cause Congress to grind to a halt. 

“If the government shuts down, we want you with us,” he said. 

The congressman recalled a similar shutdown that took place in 1995, when Newt Gingrich – also a speaker at the conference – was serving as House speaker. A future standstill could temporarily close national parks or delay payments from the government, Westmoreland speculated. 

“We have put Band-Aids on some things that need to be cleaned out,” he said. "That is going to take some pain. There’s going to have to be some pain for us to do some things that we’ve got to do to right the ship." 

As a vice chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, Westmoreland has helped with candidate recruitment for congressional races. He said the group has tried to enlist candidates who are more interested in tackling the country’s problems than getting reelected in 2012.   . . .