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May 05, 2014

DCCC Chair Steve Israel Announces Colonel Ed Jany’s FL-13 Campaign Named to Emerging Races Program

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel issued the following statement announcing that Colonel Ed Jany, Democrat running for Congress in Florida’s 13th Congressional District, has been named to the DCCC’s Emerging Races program.

“In just a few short days in the race, Colonel Ed Jany’s campaign has already generated enthusiasm among Pinellas County voters, and his strong start and the fundamentals of this district have earned him a spot on the Emerging Races program. Colonel Jany’s proven ability to bring Americans of all backgrounds and political stripes together is exactly what the people of Pinellas County are looking for, and will serve as an antidote to David Jolly’s broken Republican Congress that stacks the deck for special interests at the expense of seniors and the middle class.”

About Emerging Races

Emerging Races is part of the DCCC’s Red To Blue program, and highlights candidates and districts that are making themselves competitive by running smart campaigns which are becoming increasingly competitive.