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Apr 02, 2009

DCCC Announces 4th Phase of the “Putting Families First” Campaign

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), chaired by Congressman Chris Van Hollen, announced the DCCC is launching the fourth phase of the Putting Families First campaign on Monday targeting Republicans who opposed the middle class tax cut in President Obama's economic recovery act. 


During this phase of the campaign, the DCCC is taking the message of middle class tax cuts and economic recovery directly to Republican Members in radio ads called "Tax Man" that will run in the lead up to Tax Day on April 15th. 

"Heading into Tax Day, we are again going district by district to hold ‘just say no' House Republicans accountable for voting against middle class tax cuts that would immediately help ease the economic crisis for families struggling to make ends meet," said DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen.  "In these tough times, middle class families who are worried about keeping their jobs and paying for their kids' college education want action in the form of middle class tax cuts and economic recovery, not the House Republicans' 'just say no' obstruction."


The "Tax Man" radio ads target the following six Republicans:


Congressman Mike Castle (DE-AL)

Congressman Ken Calvert (CA-44)

Congressman Bill Young (FL-10)

Congressman Thad McCotter (MI-11)

Congressman Charlie Dent (PA-15)

Congressman Mike McCaul (TX-10)


The radio ads will begin during drive time on Monday and run for a week.


An audio copy of the ads in available at  The text of the "Tax Man" radio ad targeting Congressman Mike Castle follows:


[SFX:  A storefront door opens and rings a bell.  Ambient office/small business sounds - phones, typewriters, copy machine, low voices, etc.]


Accountant: Mornin' Rob....hey Sue.   I haven't seen you two since last April.  How're you doing?


Husband: (grumpy) We're never happy at tax time...


Accountant:  Hey, this year I've got some good news!


Wife (Sue):  An accountant with good news?! 


Accountant:  (chuckling) Yep, because Congress passed the Economic Recovery Package...


Sue:  It helps us?


Accountant:  Oh yeah, it's the biggest tax cut in American history!  It gives families like yours a huge tax break.   (papers shuffle) You qualify for an $800 tax credit...that's money in your pocket, right now.


Rob:  We sure can use that!


Accountant:   And many families will get an additional tax credit ...up to $2500 to help pay for college. 


Sue:  Well I guess Washington is looking out for us for a change.


Accountant:  Yeah, but no thanks to our local Congressman Mike Castle. 


Rob:  Castle voted against tax breaks for folks like us?!? 


Accountant:  That's right.  You should check the record.


Rob:  I will.  I just wish Mike Castle would start looking out for us.


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