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Jun 28, 2007

DCCC Announces Independence Day Ad Campaign

DCCC Press

Jun 28, 2007

DCCC Announces Independence Day Ad Campaign

Congressman Chris Van Hollen, Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), announced today the DCCC is launching an Independence Day ad and grassroots campaign in 14 targeted Republican districts. The ads begin airing on Monday during drive time and will run for five days.

“Next week, Republicans are going home to talk up their support for our nation’s troops and veterans. But, their constituents deserve to know that the Republican record on veterans is all talk and no action,” said Chairman Chris Van Hollen. “America’s troops and veterans deserve more than patriotic speeches this Independence Day.”

Beginning on Monday, the DCCC will:

Run strategic radio ads and targeted telephone calls in 14 Republican districts;

Begin a grassroots initiative which includes targeted e-mails to 2 million voters and more than 50,000 telephone calls;

Release targeted web videos highlighting individual Republicans’ shameful record on veterans’ issues; and,

Launch a new Veterans Action Center at

The audio recording of the ads is available on the DCCC website, The text of the ad follows:

DCCC Ad on Congressman Sam Graves (MO-06)

“Freedom”– 60 Second Radio

Our fathers and mothers. Our sons and daughters.

The men and women of the U.S. military.

Putting their lives on the line every day to defend our freedoms. It’s why we must provide military families with the care they deserve … when they come home.

So who would oppose full benefits for all of our nation’s disabled veterans? Who would oppose a combat bonus for our troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Congressman Sam Graves.

Congressman Graves voted against a fifteen hundred dollar bonus for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. And Graves voted against giving all veterans their full disability and retirement benefits.

Call Congressman Graves at (202) 225-7041. Tell him he owes our soldiers and veterans more than patriotic speeches this Fourth of July.

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