Campaign 2010

Oct 25, 2012

Danny Tarkanian Exposed as “Crazy Radical” in New DCCC TV Ad

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee launched its first Independent Expenditure television ad exposing Republican congressional candidate Danny Tarkanian’s (NV-04) radical policy positions. Tarkanian has said Social Security should be privatized into individual accounts dependent Wall Street and called the Ryan budget that ends Medicare is a “great start.” He even believes the Department of Education should be eliminated. Tarkanian calls himself “one of those crazy radicals,” a description he certainly lives up to.

Script of “Facts” (NV-04)

Voiceover: Instead of more overheated attacks, simple facts:

Danny Tarkanian said Social Security “should be privatized” – and gambled on Wall Street. 

He says the plan to end guaranteed Medicare is “a great start.”

And Tarkanian even wants to eliminate the Department of Education.

No wonder he calls himself “one of those crazy radicals.”

Tarkanian’s ideas are just insane for the middle-class.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.