Campaign 2010

Jun 24, 2008


During the race for Congress, Dale Sweetland has told us, "This is going to become a campaign about issues and telling people who Dale Sweetland is and letting them know they can trust me" [Syracuse Post Standard, 6/1/08].  In the 11 weeks and five days since Dale announced his intentions to run, he has failed to tell the public where he stands on the most important issues. 

"The last thing Syracuse families need is another politician who says one thing and does another.  Dale Sweetland says he wants this campaign to be about the issues, but his positions and views are no where to be found, even on his campaign website which is nearly two months old. Dale seems more focused on hiding his views and raising campaign cash than discussing the issues," said Doug Thornell, national press secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "This election year is about more than just politics, it's about turning around our economy, lowering gas prices, responsibly ending the war and bringing good paying jobs back to upstate New York. Unfortunately, all Dale Sweetland has to offer is empty statements and few ideas."

Dale's Record of Hiding from the Issues:


  • Sweetland has ZERO issues listed on his campaign website, but there it is clearly marked where to donate money.


  • When asked about whether he would support the GI Bill, The Syracuse Post Standard (5/19/08) reported that "Sweetland declined to say specifically if he supports the House bill."


  • The Syracuse Post standard editorial board said that this campaign should be about issues [5/11/08]. 


  • While Dale has been busy waging an issue-less campaign, Dan Maffei has outlined a broad vision for revitalizing central and upstate New York. He has issued multiple press releases and statements on everything from ending the war in Iraq and passing a new GI Bill for returning veterans to fixing our economy and finding ways to lower gas prices. Dan Maffei has been busy talking to community groups like retirees in Rochester, students in Syracuse, and working men and women throughout the district.  Unlike Dale, Dan has an issues page on his website that outlines his position on the war, the economy, bringing good paying jobs to Syracuse and about energy independence.


So the real question as we head into summer is ... which candidate is talking about the issues and which candidate is ducking the issues?