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Jul 10, 2007

Chairman Chris Van Hollen’s Statement on the Troop Surge in Iraq

DCCC Press

Jul 10, 2007

Chairman Chris Van Hollen's Statement on the Troop Surge in Iraq

Chairman Chris Van Hollen released the following statement on news that the Bush Administration will report that six months into the troop surge the Iraqi government has failed to meet any of the agreed upon political, economic, or military benchmarks.

“It is clear the President’s Iraq strategy is not working – more than 3,600 American troops have been killed and thousands more have been injured, U.S. taxpayers are spending $10 billion a month, and an overwhelming majority of the American people has lost confidence in the Bush Administration.

“Americans have heard a lot of speeches and sound bytes from Republicans recently about their concerns over the Bush Administration’s Iraq policy, but the real test will be whether Republicans vote for a new direction that responsibly redeploys our combat troops with a date certain.

“To date, the Republican’s rhetoric is not matched by their actions, at every opportunity Republicans have had to support changing course in Iraq they chose to rubber stamp the President’s misguided war with no end.”