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Oct 09, 2013

Crickets from Spineless Evan Jenkins on His New Party’s Government Shutdown

For nearly two weeks, West Virginians who care about the future of the country have been hearing only crickets from Spineless Evan Jenkins on his new political party's shutdown – which is jeopardizing coal jobs, mine safety and hurting West Virginia families at every level.

But it’s no surprise that Jenkins is refusing to speak out for West Virginians on the most important issue facing our country – since Jenkins has already shown he’s willing to abandon any alleged principles in favor of his own spineless self interest.

Now Evan Jenkins faces a critical question: will he speak out for West Virginia families who are being hurt by this reckless shutdown, or side with those in Washington who are refusing any reasonable solutions to ending the shutdown that they engineered?

“Spineless Evan Jenkins is refusing to take a stand on the reckless shutdown that his new political party engineered – even though it is hurting West Virginia families – and that is just another sign that Jenkins can’t be trusted to stand up for anything but himself,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “On the most important issue facing our country, West Virginians deserve to know whether Jenkins would side with irresponsible Washington politicians, or if Jenkins will finally grow a spine and stand up to his own new party to end the shutdown of our nation’s government by supporting a budget free of unreasonable demands.”