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Oct 10, 2012

Corrupt Republican Update: Tarkanian Preys on Families Through Fraudulent Charities

The DCCC named Republican congressional candidate Danny Tarkanian (NV-04) as their’s Corrupt Republican of the Month for Tarkanian having loaned hundreds of thousands of dollars to his political campaigns despite owing the government $17 million. But new information shows Tarkanian’s fiscal irresponsibility doesn’t stop there. Tarkanian helped incorporate at least thirteen fraudulent charities. A string of those charities preyed on families and scammed seniors out of their retirement savings through telemarketing schemes.


House Republicans’ extreme agenda, which is supported by Danny Tarkanian already threatens Medicare and Social Security. Nevada seniors can’t afford to be represented by a shady Congressman who is willing to risk their personal savings, too.


For detailed information about Danny Tarkanian and why he was named to, please visit here.

“Once again, we see that Danny Tarkanian’s top priority is his own personal, financial and political interests, and not the best interests of Nevada’s middle class families and seniors,” said Amber Moon of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “That’s why he fits right in with the scandal-plagued Republican Majority.” highlights and chronicles the House Republicans’ scandal-plagued Majority, including their congressional candidates like Danny Tarkanian. House Republican Leaders pledged a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy on ethics in this new Majority, but have overlooked the ethical challenges of their own Members and candidates like Danny Tarkanian.