Campaign 2010

Oct 05, 2010

Corporate Funded Republican Front Group Backs Privatization of Medicare

A top Republican front group, the 60 Plus Association, has run over $6.7 million in misleading advertisements designed to elect Republicans. While 60 Plus refuses to disclose its big health insurance company donors, their agenda is clear: dismantling Medicare into a voucher program and forcing seniors to purchase coverage on their own from big insurance companies.     

“Corporate funded Republican front groups like 60 Plus have spent millions on misleading attacks to elect Republicans who share their agenda of privatizing Medicare by making it a voucher program,” said Jennifer Crider, DCCC spokesperson. “While the Republican plan to privatize Medicare would mean windfall profits for their big insurance company donors, seniors would be left on their own to find individual insurance plans.”

In 2009, Republican Leader John Boehner and the entire House Republican leadership backed a plan to privatize Medicare, turning it into a voucher program that declines in value.  


60 Plus Has Spent Over $6.7 Million on Ads Described as a “Senior Scare” and “Misleading.” According to, 60 Plus has run a “false” and “misleading onslaught” of ads funded “from donors whose identities it doesn’t have to disclose – to run the ads saying the lawmakers ‘betrayed’ their constituents by voting for the health care overhaul signed into law earlier this year.” The Washington Post reports that 60 Plus has spent $6.79 million to elect Republicans. [, 9/17/10, 8/18/09; Washington Post]

60 Plus Has Supported Privatization of Medicare, Turning Program into Vouchers. The 60 Plus plan would have privatized Medicare, turning the program into a voucher program that cut benefits and forced seniors to purchase coverage from big insurance. [Washington Times, 6/15/99; Citizens for a Sound Economy/60 Plus Press Release, 2/24/99]

In 2009, the Entire Republican Leadership Voted to Turn Medicare into a Voucher Program. In 2009, Republican Leader John Boehner, Republican Whip Eric Cantor, Republican Conference Chair Mike Pence, NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions and 133 other Republicans voted to turn Medicare into vouchers that decline in value, ending the program as its presently known. [Roll Call Vote #191, 4/2/09; Associated Press, 4/2/09]