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May 13, 2014

Copycat Carl DeMaio’s Rough Day

Copycat Carl DeMaio kicked off his week with a bang – getting caught taking credit for someone else’s work – a “report” on Congressional pensions that National Journal had written just last year. But the National Journal imbroglio is hardly the first time that DeMaio has been caught taking credit for others’ work, as former San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders has pointed out. DeMaio also claimed credit for an idea Scott Peters championed – “No Budget, No Pay” – as well as copied a website “down to its color scheme.”

Check out some of yesterday’s blistering coverage for yourself:

National Journal: California Republican Appears to Plagiarize to Make Case Against Opponent

“DeMaio has claimed to have authored a "report" finding that 102 members of Congress are drawing a government pension atop their congressional salaries. He leaked an advanced copy to The Wall Street Journalon Monday and is following up with an event in San Diego this morning to induct some lawmakers, most notably his opponent, Rep. Scott Peters, D-Calif., into a "Hall of Shame." But his "report" looks like little more than a copied-and-pasted version of a National Journal database that accompanied a cover story last June on congressional double-dipping.” [National Journal, 5/12/14]

Talking Points Memo: GOPer Says He Should've Credited Mag But Denies Pattern Of Plagiarism

“In May 2012, then San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, a fellow Republican, joked that DeMaio made a habit of taking credit for things he shouldn't take credit for. Sanders made the comments at a news conference when a reporter asked him about DeMaio taking credit for certain financial reforms.” [TPM, 5/12/14]

10 News – San Diego: DeMaio Accused of Plagiarizing

“Congressional candidate Carl Demaio is being accused of plagiarizing his newly- released report on pension reform. Demaio's report claims one in five members of congress, including his opponent Scott Peters, are "double- dipping" […] “on its website, the "National Journal" says Demaio's report is nothing more than a copy of one it released last June... "down to the text, colors, and abbreviations." [10 News – San Diego, 5/12/14]

Voice of San Diego: Not the First Time DeMaio’s Been Accused of Borrowing ‘Right Down to the Color Scheme’

“This isn’t the first time that DeMaio’s been accused of copying someone else’s work right “down to its color scheme.” Before DeMaio came to San Diego in 2002, he ran for-profit government think tanks in D.C. One of those think tanks was the target of an earlier complaint that DeMaio had lifted material without credit.” [Voice of San Diego, 5/12/14]

U-T San Diego: DeMaio accused of copying pension data

“The accusation came in response to a report by DeMaio, published today in the Wall Street Journal, calling out 102 members of Congress for collecting a federal paycheck and a public pension at the same time. DeMaio is suggesting policy changes such as denying pensions to new members of Congress.” [U-T San Diego, 5/12/14]

NBC San Diego: Carl DeMaio Accused of Plagiarizing "Double Dippers" Report

“As former San Diego City Councilmember Carl DeMaio prepares to unveil a list of congressional members who he describes as “double dippers,” a national website claims the list was plagiarized from a report they published more than a year ago.” [NBC San Diego, 5/12/14]

The Raw Story: National Journal accuses CA GOP candidate of plagiarizing one of its reports

“Reviewing the report, the Journal noticed that it had been cut and pasted — down to the text, colors, and abbreviations — from a National Journal database created to accompany a cover story on congressional double-dipping last June.” [The Raw Story, 5/12/14]

AMERICA Blog: GOP cong-wannabe DeMaio plagiarized National Journal study, even copied the typos

“Republican congressman-wannabe Carl DeMaio, who has been dogged by accusations of having stolen his idea from others, appears to have been caught plagiarizing a report from the National Journal that DeMaio claimed he created himself.” [AMERICA Blog, 5/12/14]