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May 28, 2009

Continued Energy Hypocrisy: Kevin McCarthy Says One Thing in SLO, the Opposite in DC


After voting against renewable energy tax credits and energy efficiency programs and for tax breaks for Big Oil, today, Representative Kevin McCarthy is holding an energy summit to discuss ‘America's renewable energy future' at Cal Poly.


"Again today, Representative McCarthy is in California paying lip service to renewable energy after developing a clear record in Washington, D.C., of opposing efforts to produce more clean, renewable, domestic energy," said Andy Stone, Western Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "There's a word for that: hypocrisy."


Recently, Representative Kevin McCarthy stood amongst the towering turbines of Tehachapi to tout his bill to extend the Production Tax Credit for renewable energy. 


And, in an op-ed published in the Bakersfield Californian, McCarthy outlined all the benefits of tax incentives, like the Production Tax Credit, for wind energy.


But McCarthy had voted just a few weeks prior against an extension of the very same Production Tax Credit.


As if that weren't enough, McCarthy voted on multiple occasions for tax breaks for Big Oil companies over investing funds in renewable energy - even though oil company executives acknowledged that such incentives were no longer necessary.


Representative McCarthy may try and paper over his anti-renewable energy record, but his hypocrisy comes shining through.