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Oct 17, 2012

Constituents Blast Congressman Southerland for Ending Medicare Guarantee in New DCCC Ad

In the DCCC’s Independent Expenditure’s third TV ad, Floridians hold Congressman Steve Southerland’s (FL-02) accountable for voting to put Florida seniors’ retirement in jeopardy. Even though some constituents have paid over 40 years into Medicare, Congressman Southerland voted twice to slash Medicare in order to give tax breaks to millionaires. A new study from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows Florida seniors would have to pay hundreds of dollars more each month under a plan like the one Congressman Southerland voted for twice.

My Guy

Script of “My Guy”

Constituent 1:            We've got a Congressman with the wrong priorities.

Constituent 2:            Steve Southerland.

Constituent 3:            Southerland voted for two budgets that slash Medicare.

Constituent 4:            I checked his voting record; April last year and then again this March.

Constituent 5:            Twice.

Constituent 2:            Slashing Medicare - Who does that!?!?

Constituent 1:            Those same votes gave millionaires a tax cut.

Constituent 5:            So Southerland slashes Medicare, but gives tax cuts to millionaires? That's not right.

Constituent 6:            We got to vote for someone with their head on straight.

Constituent 2:            That's Al Lawson.