Campaign 2010

Apr 12, 2008

Conservative Republican Paulsen Wrong Fit for Moderate Suburban District

Today, the Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party (DFL) endorsed Iraq war veteran Ashwin Madia to run as the DFL candidate for Congress in Minnesota’s third district.  Madia’s fresh perspective guided by his Minnesota values make him a better fit for this moderate swing district in the western suburbs of Minneapolis than conservative Republican State Representative Erik Paulsen.


“Representative Paulsen has a long record of being grossly out of touch with mainstream Minnesota values,” said Carrie James, Regional Press Secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “Paulsen is not only too conservative for this moderate suburban district, but as State House Majority Leader he led the charge on a legislative agenda so extreme not even Dick Cheney would have approved of it.  From eliminating health care for working Minnesotans to stopping an effort to cut skyrocketing property taxes, Paulsen has repeatedly opposed common-sense measures to move Minnesota families forward.


“We intend to hold Erik Paulsen accountable for failing to stand up for middle-class families and for showing that even in the face of harsh economic realities, special-interest groups and the wealthiest individuals remain his top priority,” James said.  “Ashwin Madia, on the other hand, will fight for real economic progress, a responsible end to President Bush’s failed war in Iraq and affordable health care for all Americans.” 


In 2006, Democrats won 11 suburban districts with similar demographic profiles to MN-03, making this open seat in the suburbs west of Minneapolis a good pick up opportunity.