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Oct 07, 2013

Congressman Steve Southerland’s Chief of Staff Doubles Down On Shutdown

In a shocking demonstration of just how out of touch Congressman Steve Southerland’s office is with the values of North Florida families, the Tampa Bay Times reports that the Chief of Staff to Congressman Southerland doubled down on the Republican’s shutdown of our nation’s government:

“‘This is not a time for us to back down up in D.C,’ declared Bay County state committeeman Jonathan Hayes, who is also chief of staff to U.S. Rep. Steve Southerland, R-Panama City. ‘We must win this battle […]’” [Tampa Bay Times, 10/5/13]

“It’s obvious that Congressman Steve Southerland won’t pursue reasonable solutions to ending the crisis he created and that Congressman Southerland is increasingly divorced from the realities of Florida families who are feeling the pain of his shutdown,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Congressman Southerland’s shutdown is hurting Florida families at every level, jeopardizing basic services and delivering a self-inflicted wound to our economy that businesses cannot afford. It is past time for Congressman Southerland to stop putting his reckless Washington politics over Florida families and vote on a clean budget that would end his shutdown now.”

In Washington, Congressman Steve Southerland and Florida Republicans including Congressmen Young, Webster and Buchanan are continuing to oppose any reasonable solutions to ending the shutdown that they engineered, repeatedly blocking votes on a clean budget bill. Recent polling indicates that public opinion is rapidly turning against Florida Republicans over their central role in shutting down our nation’s government.

The statement from Congressman Southerland’s Chief of Staff was followed by a similarly radical declaration from Florida Republican Congressman Ted Yoho, who declared that a default of the U.S. government would “bring stability to world markets.”