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Jun 11, 2014

Congressman Southerland Backers Spew ‘Big Green Cloud’ of Toxic Gas Into North Florida

Congressman Steve Southerland is refusing to speak out as a power plant owned by his top backers, the Koch brothers, spews a “big green cloud” of toxic gas into Congressman Southerland’s own district.

The Buckeye Power Plant that emitted the toxic chlorine gas is located in Florida’s Second Congressional District and is controlled by a subsidiary of the Koch Brothers – the same infamous New York City billionaires who have contributed thousands of dollars to Congressman Southerland’s campaign.

“After Congressman Southerland accepted thousands of dollars from the infamous New York City billionaire Koch Brothers, now he is refusing to speak out against a disastrous leak at their plant which is poisoning North Florida’s air,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “The only thing worse than a toxic, green cloud poisoning North Florida’s air is Congressman Steve Southerland putting his Washington politics and his New York City backers over the safety of North Florida residents.”


Koch Industries Has Contributed $20,000 to Representative Southerland. [, accessed 6/11/14]

“Big Green Cloud” of Chlorine Gas Leaked from Koch Subsidiary-Owned Plant. “Employees last week described a big green cloud and the folks at Buckeye now say 15 pounds of chlorine was accidentally released into the air,” reported WCTV. [, 6/05/14]