Campaign 2010

Sep 23, 2008

Congressman Randy Kuhlís Misplaced Priorities

Chooses Funding a GOP Donor's Local Bowling Alley Over Local VA Hospital


** WEB AD **


 The  Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee  today released the following web ad highlighting Randy Kuhl's misplaced priorities when it comes to his failure to honor our veterans and protect the Canandaigua VA Hospital.  Randy Kuhl chose to secure funding for a bowling alley for a Republican donor who had given $50,000 to Republicans rather than fund a closing wing of the VA hospital.  Local constituents resoundingly agree that Randy Kuhl's priorities are in the wrong place - no bowling alley should ever take precedence over a Veterans Administration hospital. 

Congressman Kuhl is currently running a television ad declaring that five years ago in Congress he saved the VA hospital from closing -- five years ago, Randy Kuhl wasn't in Congress. 


View Web ad here.


"Congressman Kuhl can claim to be a lot of things, but a friend to veterans is not one of them," said Carrie James, regional press secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "When Congressman Kuhl put up a television ad touting his support for veterans, it must have slipped his mind that just a year ago he secured $2 million for a local bowling alley rather than funding for the Acute Psychiatric Unit of the Canandaigua veterans hospital."