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Sep 30, 2013

Congressman Michael Grimm Votes to Stop Sandy Aid, Shut Down Government

Despite his outspoken criticism of Senator Ted Cruz, Congressman Michael Grimm caved to Tea Party demands himself tonight and voted to stop Hurricane Sandy relief aid and shut down the government.  Congressman Grimm spent days on the stump attacking the Republican Senator charging that “Ted Cruz and others like him have been writing checks with their mouth that their votes can’t cash” and that “they have to put up or shut up,” only to follow suit and vote to shut down the government and stop Sandy aid for thousands of his constituents.

“Congressman Michael Grimm proved with his vote that he is the one writing checks with his mouth that his votes can’t cash – after he failed to protect Sandy relief aid and voted to shut down the government – all to protect insurance companies,” said Marc Brumer of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “Congressman Grimm chose brinksmanship and partisan politics over thousands of his constituents who are still trying to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy, all so that he could take away critical patient protections and give insurance companies free rein to raise health care costs.”


Congressman Grimm Voted for a Plan That Puts the “Federal Government on the Verge of its First Federal Government Shutdown in Nearly Two Decades.” In 2013, Congressman Grimm voted for a Continuing Resolution that virtually guarantees a government shutdown. According to the Washington Post, “The United States government moved to the verge of its first federal government shutdown in nearly two decades Monday night when the House passed a stopgap spending bill that takes aim at President Obama’s signature health-care law that is sure to be rejected by the Senate, just hours before the deadline to keep the government running.” [HJ Res 59, Vote #504, 9/30/13; Associated Press, 8/23/13; Washington Post, 9/30/13]

  • Headline: Shutdown looms after House approves another delay in Obamacare [Washington Post, 9/30/13]

House Republican Appropriations Committee: A Government Shutdown Would Mean “No Disaster Relief for Ongoing Recovery, Including for Hurricane Sandy.” According to a report authored by the House Republican Appropriations Committee, a government shutdown would mean “No disaster relief for ongoing recovery, including for Hurricane Sandy and Oklahoma efforts” and also “no first responder grants.” [House Republican Appropriations Committee, accessed 9/30/13]

  • Courier Post: Government Shutdown could Delay Sandy Rebuilding Efforts. “Hurricane Sandy rebuilding efforts along the Jersey Shore could be delayed if Congress doesn’t pass a stopgap spending bill in time to avoid a government shutdown. ‘Nature brought the storm, but the government shutdown will make the disaster worse,’ said Jeff Tittel, director of the New Jersey Sierra Club. Tittel said a possible shutdown comes at the worst time, just as coastal communities are working on dredging, beach replenishment and other projects in advance of the winter storm season. ‘What about the Army Corps of Engineers person who inspects beach projects? The (Housing and Urban Development) person who oversees the grant money? Without those people in those positions, it will slow down or stop those programs going forward,’ Tittel said.” [Courier-Post, 9/29/13]

Grimm Criticized Ted Cruz, After Voting Exactly as Ted Cruz Demanded. “‘Ted Cruz and others like him have been writing checks with their mouth that their votes can’t cash, and, you know, I think now they have to put up or shut up,’ Grimm (R-N.Y.) said on MSNBC’s ‘Jansing and Co.’ on Friday. ‘That’s one message that I want to send back to the Senate, that they can’t continue this political rhetoric if they don’t plan on backing it up.’” [Politico, 9/20/13]