Campaign 2010

Jan 14, 2014

Congressman Michael Grimm Making Headlines Again for His Troubles with the Law

Congressman Michael Grimm is making headlines again today after the FBI arrested his former girlfriend for evading federal laws to funnel money to his campaign.  The arrest is just the latest in a nearly 2-year federal investigation into Congressman Grimm and his illicit campaign activity.  In August Congressman Grimm’s former campaign fundraiser Ofer Biton plead guilty to visa fraud.  

“Congressman Michael Grimm just can’t seem to keep himself out of the newspaper for his troubles with the law,” said Marc Brumer of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “Every week Congressman Grimm is in a new headline with the words ‘FBI,’ ‘arrest,’ or ‘investigation’ and now he’s swimming in legal debt as a result.  What will Congressman Grimm’s next headline read?”

Congressman Michael Grimm’s Trouble Making Headlines Again: