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Oct 10, 2013

Congressman McKeon Ignores Facts While Repeating Washington Talking Points

When Congressman Buck McKeon repeated false Washington talking points about few people signing up for health insurance on the Obamacare exchanges, CNN host Wolf Blitzer quickly fact-checked Congressman McKeon, citing reports from three states. On top of Blitzer’s fact check, Congressman McKeon’s own local newspaper reported yesterday that more than 16,000 California households have already signed up for insurance, and tens of thousands more have started the process.

“Congressman McKeon needs to put down his Washington talking points and find out what is actually happening in his community – and he would learn that tens of thousands of Californians and hundreds of small businesses have signed up for the Affordable Care Act,” said Matt Inzeo of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Californians want our leaders to come together and solve problems, but Congressman McKeon keeps up the talking points and political games that have us stuck in this shutdown.” 


McKeon Falsely Claimed Less than 10 People Have Signed up for Obamacare. “Rep. Buck McKeon appeared to shock CNN's Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday when he claimed that fewer than ten people had signed up for Obamacare. ‘I heard that they've had over eight million hits -- people that have tried to sign up -- and so far they have people in the single digits that have signed up,’ the California Republican told Blitzer. ‘Now, obviously there is something very wrong there and these are coming from -- these statements are coming from bipartisan people that are concerned about the implementation of a law.’ ‘When you say single digits, I’m not exactly clear what you mean by that,’ Blitzer said. ‘Single digits would be less than ten,’ McKeon responded.” [Politico, 10/09/13]

“California Insurance Exchange Reports 16k Finalized Applications.” “The head of California's health insurance marketplace announced Tuesday that 16,311 households completed applications in the first week of enrollment. Covered California Executive Director Peter V. Lee said the response Oct. 1-5 underscores the demand for health insurance in the state. Some 27,305 households have partially completed applications. In addition, more than 430 small businesses have signed up.” [Sacramento Bee, 10/08/13]