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May 14, 2014

Congressman Lee Terry Kicks Off General Election Campaign Attacking His Own Record on Outsourcing

In his first interview television after surviving his closest primary scare yet – one waged by an underfunded opponent – Congressman Lee Terry took square aim at his own record on giving tax breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas. Congressman Terry told KMTV news this morning that it “worries me” that companies are leaving the United States to move their headquarters in Europe – even though he has voted for tax breaks for those very companies.

“If Congressman Terry is suddenly so worried about outsourcing, he only has himself to blame for his record of voting to give tax breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas,” said Brandon Lorenz of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Congressman Terry can try to pretend, but he has voted time and again with the special interests and the wealthy, and against measures to protect the jobs of middle class Nebraskans.”


Congressman Terry Said it “Worries Me” that Companies were Leaving the United States for a “Better Atmosphere.” In 2014, Congressman Terry said, “When we hear news reports about major companies leaving the United States to set up shop and headquarter in Europe because it’s a better atmosphere, that worries me. [KMTV, 5/14/14]

Congressman Terry Voted for the Republican Budget Plan that Would Encourage Companies to Ship Jobs Overseas. In 2014, Congressman Terry voted for the FY 2015 Republican budget plan that the National Review reported would reform the tax system by “reducing the U.S. corporate tax-rate from 35 percent to 25 percent and shifting from a worldwide tax system to a territorial system.”  The Tax Policy Center previously reported that a territorial tax system “might encourage some domestic companies to move more of their operations- and shift both jobs and more reported income- to low tax countries.” Citizens for Tax Justice reported: “The tax incentives for job offshoring and profit shifting would increase if Congress adopted a ‘territorial tax system.’” The budget passed 219 to 205. [H Con Res 96, Vote #177, 4/10/14; National Review, 4/02/14; Tax Policy Center, 2/28/12; Citizens for Tax Justice, 10/19/11]

Congressman Terry Voted to Protect a 20 Percent Tax Break for Companies Outsourcing Jobs. In April 2012, Terry voted against a motion to recommit that would have eliminated a 20 percent income tax cut for companies that send U.S. jobs overseas. The motion failed 179-229. [HR 9, Vote #176, 4/19/12; Washington Post, 4/22/12]

Congressman Terry Voted to Let Companies Hide When They Ship Jobs Overseas. In March 2012, Terry voted against an amendment that would require large U.S. companies to disclose how many of their jobs are based on U.S. soil and how many are based abroad. According to the Washington Post, the amendment was an attempt to shed light on the number of American jobs being outsourced. The amendment was rejected, 175-239. [HR 3606, Vote #107, 3/08/12; Washington Post, 2/01/12]

Congressman Terry Opposed Buy American Requirements. In 2012, Terry voted against a motion to instruct House conferees to agree to a Senate-passed Buy American requirement for materials for federally funded highway, transit and rail projects. “The proposal would disallow segmenting projects and require greater public notice and comment periods on waiver requests for the domestic purchasing restrictions. It also would require reviews and an annual report on waivers granted by federal officials.” The motion passed 245-169. [HR 4348, Vote #293, 5/18/12; CQ, 5/16/12]