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Mar 03, 2009

Congressman LaTourette Tries to Take Credit for Law Enforcement Funding He Voted AGAINST



LaTourette Becomes Newest Member of the Republican Hypocrisy Hall of Fame


Congressman Steven LaTourette has become the newest member of the Republican Hypocrisy Hall of Fame.  After voting against the American Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Congressman LaTourette is now promoting the benefits of the package, including much needed law enforcement funding that will help ensure the streets of Ohio remain protected and families are kept safe.  The recovery package invests $1 billion in Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) to allow law enforcement agencies to hire or rehire police officers without requiring local matching funds.


"The challenges facing Ohio's law enforcement community are real and threaten the safety of communities large and small, but longtime politician Congressman LaTourette should know talk is cheap, especially when his rhetoric doesn't match his voting record," said Gabby Adler, the Midwestern Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "I understand why Congressman LaTourette would want to take credit for the $1 billion in local law enforcement investments included in President Obama's economic recovery plan, but LaTourette should have thought about that before he voted against it, turning his back on the people and police officers of Ohio."


In two separate press releases posted on, the Congressman first expressed his fierce opposition to the Economic Recovery Package and then in a hypocritical turn only weeks later extolled the investments made to help local law enforcement agencies.  In attempting to explain why he voted against legislation that would save or create 133,000 jobs at home in Ohio, Congressman LaTourette claims "This bill is too important to get wrong, yet wrong is what we have."  Why then is the Congressman now changing his tune?  Maybe he realizes the people of Ohio believe creating jobs and providing the largest tax break ever for the middle class is right, and exactly what is needed to turn our economy around.


In the second press release, Congressman LaTourette admits "I know our local departments are facing rough financial times, and there have been some department layoffs and hiring freezes across the state."  The Congressman added "he is pleased that some departments will benefit from this new COPS program," and went on to encourage local departments to take advantage of the $1 billion provided in the Recovery Package to help hire or rehire police officers.


It's anyone's guess which side of his mouth Congressman LaTourette may be speaking out of when President Obama visits Columbus, Ohio later in the week to watch the graduation of 25 police recruits who owe their jobs to President Obama and the Members of Congress who actually voted for his economic recovery plan.