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Jul 19, 2013

Congressman Kline Lets Students Down – Again

Congressman John Kline’s “Letting Students Down Act” – which the House is voting on now – cruelly locks in drastic cuts to education and faces opposition from across the political spectrum.

“Congressman Kline’s vision is to lock in devastating cuts to education, to slash accountability standards, to cynically lower expectations on children with disabilities, and to shift funding from the bedrock of our public schools to private companies,” said Brandon Lorenz of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Congressman Kline’s vision is the wrong direction, and that’s why it’s opposed by so many different groups across the political spectrum. With these wrong-headed priorities, Congressman Kline is demonstrating yet again that he’s not on the side of students.”


Kline’s Changes to NCLB had Public School Districts Nervous about the Impact of their Budget. Kline’s changes to No Child Left Behind caused public school districts to be nervous about the impact on their bottom line. “The bill would freeze in place the funding levels set by sequestration—a series of across-the-board cuts to nearly every federal program put in place to help trim the federal budget,” Education Week reported. [Education Week, 7/16/13]

·         Headline: White House threatens to veto Kline's education bill [Star Tribune, 7/18/13]

Democrats: Kline’s Changes to NCLB Gut Accountability Standards. “Democrats have denounced the bill for gutting the accountability standards in the law in favor of restoring local control of education, a priority for conservatives,” The Hill reported. [The Hill, 7/16/13]

Heritage Foundation: Kline NCLB “In its Current form, the Proposal has some serious Policy Limitations.” The Heritage Foundation release a blog that said the Student Success Act “provides a few good first steps toward limiting burdensome federal intervention in education. But in its current form, the proposal has some serious policy limitations.” [The Heritage Foundation Blog, 7/11/13]

Kline’s Changes to NCLB Bars the Secretary of Education from Encouraging States to implement National Standards. Kline’s changes to No Child Left Behind “increases the leeway that districts and states have with funding and accountability. It doesn’t completely eliminate the federal role in education, though it does bar the secretary of Education from encouraging states to implement national standards,” National Journal reported. [National Journal, 7/16/13]