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Oct 03, 2013

Congressman Joe Heck’s Orwellian Solution to the Shutdown: Rebrand It

How does Congressman Joe Heck defend his votes to shut down the government?

He calls it something else.

In a video he posted online, Congressman Heck referred to the shutdown parroting talking points from a prominent Tea Party group but offered no hope for Nevadans that he will help end the reckless shutdown. Instead of resolving the crisis and putting people back to work, Congressman Heck is irresponsibly adding to the partisanship that produced the shutdown.

“Congressman Joe Heck is recklessly taking a bad situation and making it worse,” said Matt Inzeo of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “While Congressman Heck tows the Tea Party line and opposes a reasonable solution such as passing a clean continuing resolution, Nevadans will continue to suffer needlessly as the shutdown continues.”


Uses Tea Party Terms to Defend Government Shutdown. Today, Heck released a video defending his votes with Republican leadership and using the terms “slowdown of non-essential government services” rather than shutdown. Tea party groups like FreedomWorks have pushed this term to defend the Republican government shutdown saying “Any government shutdown would be merely partial, more accurately described as a ‘slowdown’ in nonessential services.” [, 10/02/13; FreedomWorks, “A Defund ObamaCare FAQ”, accessed 10/02/13]

Does Not Back “Clean” CR to Reopen the Government. While 14 House Republicans as of today have said they would support a “clean” CR to reopen the government, Heck has defended his votes with Republican leadership to only vote to fund the government if it delays Obamacare. [Washington Post, 10/02/13;, 10/02/13]

USA Today: “Call it the Tea Party Shutdown.”  “Call it the Tea Party shutdown. The group will wear the badge proudly .Pressed by this uncompromising fringe, Republicans leaders in the House are making demands that are both preposterous and largely unrelated to budgetary matters in return for keeping government running. Most absurdly, they want President Obama to undermine the health care law that he ran on in 2008 and 2012, and now considers his signature domestic accomplishment. No president of either party could accept that kind of badgering. No president should.” [USA Today, 10/02/13]

 “Government Shutdown Could Have Major Impact on Southern Nevada.” “A government shutdown would close a lot of services, force hundreds of government employees to stay home from work and lock up some tourist attractions from the public in the Las Vegas valley.[..] .Most employees of the parks will be locked out too. About 900 employees of Nevada's Bureau of Land Management will be furloughed, leaving about three dozen emergency crews, including firefighters..[..]. At Lake Mead, 170 employees face furloughs. They are warning the nearly 15,000 visitors they get every day to not plan trips to the lake just yet. ‘If you see that our web page is not working, then you can assume that Lake Mead National Recreation Area is in the process of shutting down temporarily,’ Vanover said. That could mean a loss of half-a-million dollars a day to Boulder City's economy.” [8NewsNow, 9/30/13]