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Oct 08, 2012

Congressman Joe Heck Says Cutting Medicare and Social Security is the “Only Way”

Congressman Joe Heck confirmed once again for Nevada voters that he’s more committed to protecting millionaires and big corporations than seniors and the middle class. In a Romney-style speech at a recent event, Congressman Heck said the “only way” to reduce the debt is to “go into” Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security instead of eliminating tax breaks for Big Oil companies and corporations that ship American jobs overseas or asking millionaires to pay their fair share.


“Congressman Heck voted twice to end Medicare and repeatedly doubled-down on his comment that Social Security is a ‘pyramid scheme,’ so even though it’s not surprising that he thinks cutting Medicare and Social Security is the ‘only way’ to balance the budget, it’s still disturbing for Nevada seniors who rely on these programs to make ends meet,” said Amber Moon of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “In Washington, Congressman Heck has consistently sided with millionaires and Big Oil companies, and rather than asking them to pay their fair share, he believes the only way to balance the budget is on the backs of seniors and the middle class.”




Congressman Heck Said the Only Way to Get Debt Under Control was to Go Into Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. In 2012, Heck said that the only way to reduce the debt was to go into Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. “That means you got to have to have the political will to go into the 60 percent: Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security. That is the only way that we are going to start getting our debt under control.” [Service Alumni Association Dinner, 26:57, 9/28/12]


Congressman Heck on Social Security: “That’s One of the Reasons Why this Pyramid Scheme Isn’t Working.” In 2011, when talking about Social Security Heck said “That’s one of the reasons why this pyramid scheme isn’t working.” [Boulder City Town Hall, 6:10, 5/18/11]


When Asked About the Pyramid Scheme Quote Congressman Heck Said “Look, What Was Said in the Video Was Said in the Video.” In 2011, Ralston asked Heck “Are you still going to back away from saying it was a pyramid scheme? Heck said “Look, what was said in the video was said in the video.” [Face to Face, Jon Ralston, Uploaded 9/1/11]