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Dec 09, 2013

Congressman Heck Puts His Immigration Record Through Another Spin Cycle, Nevadans Still Call B.S.

Over the weekend, Congressman Joe Heck tried once again to spin his way out of his terrible record on immigration. Heck attacked immigration reform supporters – like Senator Dean Heller – who helped pass bipartisan reform in the U.S. Senate, calling them “entirely politically motivated.” Congressman Heck also tried to distract voters from his vote to restart deportations for DREAM Act eligible kids.

In truth, according to leading Hispanic media, Heck’s recently touted immigration bill “would have aided a small number of dreamers but left millions of undocumented migrants with no path to citizenship.”

“Congressman Heck is practically blue in the face from giving his tortured explanations, but the fact remains that he opposes every realistic effort to reform our broken immigration system,” said Matt Inzeo of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Congressman Heck can’t level with Nevadans about his record because he opposes the reforms that families, workers, and businesses need, and no amount of spin can change that.”


Heck Criticized Comprehensive Immigration Reform Supporters As “Entirely Politically Motivated.” In December 2013, Heck criticized comprehensive immigration reform efforts as “entirely politically motivated.” “Those advocating this irresponsible ‘all or nothing’ approach are entirely politically motivated,” Heck said. [Rep. Joe Heck Op-ed, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 12/07/13]

2013: Heck Voted To Restart Deportation Of 800,000 DREAM Act-Eligible Young People. In 2013, Heck voted for an amendment to the 2014 Homeland Security appropriations bill that prohibiting the use of Immigration and Customs Enforcement funds to implement President Obama’s June 2012 executive order that protected the “DREAMers” from deportation. DREAMers consist of an estimated 800,000 young undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children and have since led otherwise law-abiding lives. The amendment also prohibited other prosecutorial discretion policies that ensure the agency’s immigration enforcement resources are targeted at serious criminals, not at those who pose no threat to U.S. communities—including victims of domestic violence and other crimes who come forward to seek protection and identify their abusers. The amendment passed, 224-201. [H.R. 2217, Vote #208, 6/06/13; Associated Press, 6/06/13]

  • Heck: “I Voted to Defund Implementation… Of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.” In December 2013, Heck admitted to voting to defund the implementation of the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals order, which protected “DREAMers” from deportation. “I voted to defund implementation of a presidential executive order called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals,” Heck said. [Rep. Joe Heck Op-ed, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 12/07/13]

Latin Times: Heck’s Plan Would Leave Millions With No Path To Citizenship. In December 2013, the Latin Times criticized Joe Heck’s immigration reform bill for merely “aid[ing] a small number of dreamers” while leaving “millions of undocumented migrants with no path to citizenship.” [Latin Times, 12/09/13]

  • Pro-Reform Groups Have Rejected Heck’s Immigration Plan. In December 2013, the pro-reform groups, such as the Progressive Leadership Alliance, have criticized the Heck immigration plan for failing to include millions of immigrants in its earned citizenship provisions. [Univision, 12/08/13]

Latin Times: Heck’s Plan Failed to Receive Support From The Republican Party. In December 2013, the Latin Times reported that, in addition to Heck’s failure to receive local and national support for his plan, he also failed to muster support within his own political party. [Latin Times, 12/09/13]

Heck:  “I Would Vote No” on the Senate Immigration Bill. At a July 2013 townhall on immigration, Heck said he would vote “no” on the Senate immigration bill. “As it [the Senate immigration bill] is currently written, I would vote no,” said Heck. [Heck Townhall Windmill Library, 7/02/13]

Heck Declined to Support House Immigration Reform Bill. In November 2013, during a meeting with constituents, Heck said he would not support House Resolution 15—a bill similar to the Senate-passed comprehensive immigration reform legislation—leaving his constituents “disappointed.” [Steve Sebelius Twitter, 11/26/13; Ralston Reports, 11/26/13]