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Jul 17, 2013

Congressman Fitzpatrick Says He Wants to Create American Jobs but Votes to Ship Them Overseas

Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick’s hypocrisy reaches new heights when he touts his so-called “Made in America” legislation – because Congressman Fitzpatrick actually has a proven track record of voting to ship American jobs overseas. Not only has Congressman Fitzpatrick voted to ship good American jobs overseas, but he’s even voted to allow these companies to hide the fact that they’re doing so.

“Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick’s hypocrisy is even more stunning than usual, because he’s a guy who’s voted to ship American jobs overseas and let employers hide that fact from the public,” said Emily Bittner of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Instead of standing with corporate special interests to ship jobs overseas, Congressman Fitzpatrick should be fighting to keep jobs in America and do whatever is necessary to create more jobs in Pennsylvania.”


Fitzpatrick Voted for CAFTA, Even Though NAFTA Cost Pennsylvania More Than 44,000 Jobs. In 2005, Fitzpatrick voted in favor of a bill approving the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), which would remove most of the trade barriers between the United States and Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic Fitzpatrick voted in favor of CAFTA despite NAFTA’s devastating impact on Pennsylvania, which as of 2004 ranked seventh in total jobs lost to NAFTA.  According to the Economic Policy Institute, Pennsylvania lost 44,173 jobs from 1993-2004 due to NAFTA. [Economic Policy Institute, “NAFTA’s Cautionary Tale,” Issue Brief #214, 7/20/05; HR 3045, Vote #443, 7/28/05]

Fitzpatrick Supported Repatriation Tax Holidays. In 2011, Fitzpatrick wrote in the Bucks County Courier Times that he supported repatriation tax holidays. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, repatriation tax holidays would ultimately shift more jobs overseas. [Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 6/23/11; Bucks County Courier Times, 9/07/11]

Fitzpatrick Voted to Protect a 20 Percent Tax Break for Companies Outsourcing Jobs. In April 2012, Fitzpatrick voted against eliminating a 20 percent income tax cut for companies that send U.S. jobs overseas. The motion failed 179-229. [Washington Post, 4/22/12; HR 9, Vote #176, 4/19/12]

Fitzpatrick Voted to Let Companies Hide When They Ship Jobs Overseas. In March 2012, Fitzpatrick voted against an amendment that would require large U.S. companies to disclose how many of their jobs are based on U.S. soil and how many are based abroad. According to the Washington Post, the amendment was an attempt to shed light on the number of American jobs being outsourced. The amendment was rejected, 175-239.  [Washington Post, 2/01/12; HR 3606, Vote #107, 3/08/12]

Fitzpatrick Voted 3 Times for the Ryan Budget, Which Encouraged Companies to Ship Jobs Overseas. Currently, U.S. companies pay the tax rate of the country where the outpost is located and then, if they bring those profits home, often pay some U.S. taxes as well. Under the Ryan’s proposal, companies essentially would pay just the tax rate of the country where the profits are earned. According to the Tax Policy Center, exempting these offshore earning from U.S. tax liability “might encourage some domestic companies to move more of their operations—and shift both jobs and more reported income– to low tax countries.” Similarly, Citizens for Tax Justice concluded that adopting this type of system would increase the incentives for job offshoring. Fitzpatrick voted for the Ryan budget in 2011, 2012 and 2013. [National Journal, 3/20/12; Wall Street Journal, 3/19/12; Tax Policy Center, 2/28/12; Citizens for Tax Justice, 10/19/11; H Con Res 34, Vote #277, 4/15/11; H Con Res 112, Vote #151, 3/29/12; H Con Res 25, Vote #88, 3/21/13]