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Mar 17, 2009

Congressman Chris Lee Doubles Down on Earmark Hypocrisy

Congressman Chris Lee (NY-26), already a member of the House Republican Hypocrisy Hall of Fame, is kicking his hypocritical behavior into high gear.  Just three weeks after he cited earmarks as a reason for opposing a government spending bill, Chris Lee is now trying to have it both ways by announcing he'll pursue earmarks of his own this year. 


Lee vocally criticized earmarks and government spending throughout his campaign last year; today he even devotes part of his official website to a "Washington Waste Watch" that will "hold Washington accountable for runaway spending." Apparently, earmarks are only bad when they don't benefit Chris Lee [NPR Buffalo, WBFO, 3/16/09]. 


Chris Lee is no stranger to double standards as this latest flip flop builds off of a strong record of hypocrisy that Lee has built up in less than three short months in Congress. Previously, Lee shamelessly celebrated the benefits of the president's economic recovery act in his district, even though Lee voted against the plan in Washington. 


"Congressman Lee is nothing more than a Republican hypocrite whose rhetoric doesn't match up with reality," said Shripal Shah, Northeast Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "He can't have it both ways on earmarks and he no longer has any credibility on the issue."


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