Campaign 2010

Oct 05, 2012

Congressman Bobby Schilling Enlists Campaign Donor and Activist in Latest Bogus TV Ad

Reeling from attacks from his own constituents, Congressman Bobby Schilling enlisted one of his own campaign donors to appear in his newly released TV ad.  Congressman Schilling actually accuses Democrats of “posing” as local workers in his new ad while at the same time defending himself with his own campaign donor, Jerry Schreiner. The same donor spoke on behalf of the Schilling campaign to the Quad Cities Argus Dispatch at a Schilling sponsored protest opposing raising the minimum wage.


“Could Congressman Bobby Schilling be any more desperate to change the subject from his record of voting to end the Medicare guarantee just to protect tax breaks for corporate outsourcers and millionaires?” asked Haley Morris of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “When his own constituents condemn his failed priorities in Washington, the best Congressman Bobby Schilling can do get his campaign donors to come to his defense.”




Jerry Schreiner Donated to Schilling.  According to FEC reports, Schreiner gave $300 in May 2012, and $100 in June 2012. [, filed 7/15/12]