Campaign 2010

Oct 20, 2010

Citing Results, Northern Virginia Newspapers Back Connolly (VA-11)

Across Northern Virginia, newspaper editorial boards have started making it unanimously clear that Gerry Connolly is the best choice for Virginia’s 11th district. Each endorsement has highlighted how extreme and out-of-touch Keith Fimian’s agenda really is. The Editorial boards have cited Connolly’s independent approach to reduce spending and his strong stands for working families.

Below are highlights of the endorsements for Gerry Connolly from the Fairfax Connection, Fairfax Chronicle, Fairfax Times and the Falls Church News-Press.

In an editorial titled “Ultra-Rightwing Keith Fimian Versus Moderate Gerry Connolly,” The Fairfax Chronicle writes that “Republicans have a candidate who quotes conservative talking points but has demonstrated little true understanding of the complexity of the issues facing the country and no ability to answer questions about them. […] Does this sound familiar? It should, because what Fimian is selling is just a repeat of the failed policies of the bush era.” [Fairfax Chronicle, October 2010]

The Fairfax Connection wrote, “Much has changed since Gerry Connolly beat Keith Fimian two years ago in the race to replace retiring Tom Davis. Now we have a rematch between the two, but now, even more than two years ago, it’s clear Connolly is the right man for the job. If Keith Fimian were to be elected to Congress, Northern Virginia would be worse off. If Fimian understands the role of government or the complexities of either the local or national economy, he has not demonstrated that knowledge over the course of two campaigns.” [Fairfax Connection, 10/19/10]

The Fairfax Times said Connolly “also championed a pro-business environment that was instrumental in attracting at least two Fortune 500 companies to Fairfax and friendly to small businesses. His 13 years in county government give him a decided advantage when it comes to identifying local needs and making sure they get to the right people and places.”  [Fairfax Times, 10/20/10]

The Falls Church News Press highlighted Connolly’s work implementing “some bold, long-overdue fundamental reforms…by delivering on health care, and financial, including credit card, reform” while calling Fimian “among those Republicans and their radical Tea Party flank who advocate rolling back these achievements.” [Falls Church News Press, 9/8/10]