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Nov 01, 2008

Chris Lee Admits to Fraud.  Fired.  Not Suited for Congress.

Today, the Buffalo News reported that Chris Lee was fired from his former employer for illegally breaking into company computers for his personal financial benefit.  According to the Buffalo News, Chris Lee "hacked into a company computer for personal gain" and according to Lee himself after getting caught by his supervisors he was "let go."  Chris Lee has skipped 15 of 18 debates and forums, has refused to answer questions about where he stands on the issues and is hiding behind the barrage of ads being paid for by his family's fortunes. 


"For months, Chris Lee has refused to say where he stands on the issues, he has declined to participate in debates and he has dodged questions from the public -- and now we know why.  As it turns out, Chris Lee isn't nearly the businessman he claims to be," said Carrie James, regional press secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "Instead, he's the kind of corporate hack that our country has suffered too much from during the Bush era -- like the greedy executives at Enron, Halliburton, and in the mortgage industry who put corporate profits and their bonuses before what was best for middle class Americans, plunging our country into a recession."


Chris Lee's REAL record as a Businessman:

  • Put Jobs in China.  According to Lee's own campaign website, "Christopher was promoted to President of the Automation Group, a division of International Motion Control in 2003. By 2007 numerous manufacturing facilities existed in the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea and China. All told, IMC employed over 1,200 people worldwide and had a global distribution network of over 300 independent distributors."  [, accessed: 6/08; Google Cache of Site]

  • Then Scrubbed His Website of Any Mention of China.  Between when initial research was conducted, in June of 2008, and September 3, 2008, Christopher Lee's campaign website eliminated any reference to his former company having plants in China.  Currently, the website instead says "Asia" when referring to its multinational operations. Mention of Chinese plants is only available on Google's cache of the site. [Chris Lee for Congress Website, accessed: 9/3/08, Google Cache]
  • Then the Lee Family Knowingly Sold the Company to a Firm That Had Sent Sensitive Defense Technology to China.  In 2007, Lee's family company was sold to ITT, an international defense conglomerate, which had less than a year earlier pled guilty to violating the Arms Control Export Act for sending sensitive defense technology to China, Singapore, Japan, and Britain and paid $100 million in fines.  Lee admitted he knew about ITT's fine at the time of the sale. [Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, 8/27/08]

 New to the list... 

  •  Fraud.