Campaign 2010

Apr 06, 2010

Charles Djou: Social Security and Medicare Not “Core Services”

Charles Djou has a long record of supporting corporate special interests over the needs of families in Hawaii. Djou argued for eliminating taxes on big insurance companies and worked to prevent Hawaii from negotiating with drug companies for lower prescription costs – yet he opposed the largest middle class tax cuts in our country’s history.


And in a recent campaign video filmed for Olelo Community Media, Djou intimated that Medicare and Social Security are not the “core services” on which government should focus.


“With Charles Djou’s corporate special interest-backing record, it should come as no surprise that he argued against Social Security and Medicare – the very safety net that many of Hawaii’s kupuna rely on,” said Andy Stone, Western Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “Once and for all, Djou should show Hawaii voters the respect they deserve and offer a clear answer – like he’s pledged to do – on support for Social Security and Medicare privatization.”





  • Djou filmed a campaign video for Olelo Community Media, posted to YouTube on April 5, in which he said, “We’re concerned that government does very little efficiently or cost-effectively. But despite that, keeps trying to do more. Look at Medicare, Social Security, our failing schools. We need government to concentrate on core services and not try to do everything and end up doing nothing.” [, accessed 4/6/10]


  • In a Hawaii Public Radio-hosted candidate debate, Charles Djou said, “I believe certainly if I’m fortunate enough to be elected to the United States Congress I cannot promise you that I will agree with you on every single one of your positions, but what I can promise you is that if you ask me a straight question, you ask me what my position is on a particular matter, I will give you a straight answer.” [Hawaii Public Radio 1st Congressional Candidates Debate, 3/15/10]


  • Djou told the American Spectator that President Bush “had the right idea” in addressing Social Security reform “but wasn’t willing to say he supported a specific plan because” he’d be attacked “for wanting to destroy Social Security.” [American Spectator, 3/12/10]


  • Djou argued for eliminating taxation for insurance companies. [Statement of Rep. Djou, 2/15/02; Page 221 of 2002 House Journal; Statement of Rep. Djou, 4/30/02; Page 1062-1063 of 2002 House Journal]


  • Djou voted against the Prescription Drug Access Program in which the state “would negotiate with drug companies for prescription drug costs.”  [HB 47, 3/6/01; Page 420 of 2001 House Journal; Statement of Rep. Rath, 3/6/01; Page 419 of 2001 Journal]


  • At the Smart Business Hawaii annual conference, Djou outlined his opposition to the economic recovery package, which included the largest tax cut in American history, saying, “This is not the right way to run our government.” [Associated Press, 1/13/09; US News & World Report, Schlesinger blog, 2/12/09]