Campaign 2010

Aug 10, 2010

Charles Djou: Happy Birthday To Me, Corporate Outsourcers – Tough Luck Teachers, Cops, Firefighter

One day after celebrating his 40th birthday, Representative Charles Djou offered some birthday cheer to big corporations that outsource American jobs by voting to protect incentives for large multi-national corporations that ship American jobs overseas – all at the expense of Hawaii’s teachers, cops, and firefighters.

What’s more, any talk by Djou of this legislation adding to the deficit is nonsense.  This bill is paid for by closing loopholes in the foreign income provisions of the tax code which gives corporations incentives to outsource American jobs.

"Representative Charles Djou’s outrageous vote to fire teachers, cops, and firefighters all in the name of protecting big multi-national corporations that ship American jobs overseas is the absolute wrong priority for Hawaii families right now," said Ryan Rudominer of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "Rather than spreading birthday cheer to corporations that outsource American jobs, Djou should be trying to keep teachers in the classrooms and cops on the beat, not trying to put them on the unemployment lines.


  • Rep. Charles Djou’s 40th birthday was August 9. Djou’s campaign is holding a 40th birthday celebrating fundraiser tonight in Honolulu. [Djou campaign email, 8/9/10]
  • The Education Jobs and Medicaid Assistance Act (HR 1586), will save or create the jobs of 161,000 teachers, and thousands of police officers, firefighters, and nurses while closing tax loopholes that encourage big corporations to ship American jobs overseas. [HR 1586, #518, 8/10/10]   
  • The measure appropriates $10 billion to help states retain and hire teachers and other educational professionals.
    • This will save the jobs of an estimated 161,000 educators nationwide. (House Committee on Education & Labor)
    • It will save or create 700 education jobs in Hawaii (House Committee on Education & Labor)
  • The measure also provides $16.1 billion to temporarily increase Federal Medical Assistance Percentages (FMAP), the program that reimburses states for Medicaid.
    • This funding will save or create up to 158,000 public and private sector jobs by providing critical aid to the states including both private sector as well as critical state employees such as police, firefighters and nurses.  [EPI, August 9, 2010]
  • The measure also cracks down on companies that take advantage of loopholes in the foreign income provisions of the tax code which makes it more profitable for them to outsource jobs. The bill is paid for by preventing corporations from using current U.S. foreign tax credit rules to subsidize their foreign activities