Campaign 2010

Aug 02, 2013

Chairman Steve Israel’s Statement on House Republicans Leaving Town for August Vacation

DCCC Chairman Steve Israel released the following statement on House Republicans leaving town for August vacation without fixing any of the country’s problems.

“House Republicans just fled the scene of their crime, skipping out on the American people for a five-week vacation without lifting a finger to fix the mess they have created. Republicans are leaving behind a wreck in Washington, and the American people are paying the price: Defense workers are still being furloughed, a transportation bill still has not been passed, and a budget still has not been negotiated.

“This gridlock has real consequences for middle-class families – defense workers’ paychecks are lower, highway workers will have fewer jobs, and tens of thousands of potential jobs are not being created because Republicans are more interested in obstructing our economy than working together to build it up. House Democrats stand ready to stay and get the job done for the American people, even as House Republicans flee the scene of their crime.”