Campaign 2010

Apr 30, 2008

Chairman Chris Van Hollen on George Bush’s Failure to Address High Gas Prices

Today, DCCC Chair Chris Van Hollen issued the following statement on President Bush’s failure to work with Democrats to address high gas prices:


“For more than seven years George Bush has been in office and done nothing to lower the price of gas that Americans are forced to pay. When the President entered office, gas prices were at $1.46 a gallon. Now they have skyrocketed to over $3.60 a gallon. Instead of working with Democrats on real and immediate solutions, the President has reverted to campaign rhetoric and ducking responsibility for a crisis that began on his watch.


“Unfortunately, the President prefers to blame everyone but his Big Oil patrons who are reaping record profits, for the mess we are in. The American people expect more than seven years of excuses from their President.  This week, the President said he wished there was a “magic wand” he could wave to lower gas prices. While there might not be any magic wands, there are several responsible plans that Congress has put forth that, unfortunately, the President and House Republicans have steadfastly blocked, including ending tax breaks for Big Oil and investing the savings in renewable energy. Big Oil special interests might be happy with the status quo, but the American people are angry and want their President to end the political games and work with Democrats to help middle class families make ends meet.”