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Mar 11, 2014

Carlos Curbelo Receives Award at Anti-Immigrant CPAC Conference

Curbelo appears on main stage shared with radical anti-immigrant activists

When he received an award Saturday from the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC), Carlos Curbelo shared a spotlight with such anti-immigrant luminaries as Ann Coulter, who compared immigration to rape, and Donald Trump, who attacked immigration reform because “[immigrants] wouldn’t even vote Republican.”

Curbelo, a Republican candidate for Florida’s 26th congressional district, was recognized as a “Ten Under Forty” rising star in the group that prides itself on opposition to immigration reform – and on the same stage at the same conference that afternoon conservative commentator and current CPAC star Ann Coulter described immigrants as “warm bodies” and decried MSNBC for celebrating “the browning of America.”

While the ideas expressed at CPAC may appear fringe to outsiders, the organization is a central cog in the Republican electoral machine. Its donors are among the biggest givers to Republican political candidates and its supporters are widely considered crucial to winning a Republican primary.

“CPAC celebrates anti-immigration ranters like Ann Coulter, funds a significant portion of the Republican Party and showcases the most out-of-touch elements of the party,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Carlos Curbelo needs to choose between the money and support of CPAC and the many families of immigrants in his community who demand immigration reform.”

CPAC Conference Immigration Highlights:

Coulter Called Immigrants “Warm Bodies” and Lawbreakers. “You want the Democrats who want more immigrants, particularly illegal immigrants, because they need brand new voters, just warm bodies, more votes…Amnesty goes through, and the Democrats have 30 million new voters. I just don't think Republicans have an obligation to forgive law-breaking just because the Democrats need another 30 million voters.” [Huffington Post, 3/08/14]

Coulter Criticized the “Browning of America” and Said Immigrants Would Not Continue “Funding Older White People Who are Getting to Their Social Security, Medicare Age.” “And on top of that, something I think people haven’t really noticed — well, certainly they’ve noticed on MSNBC where they are celebrating the browning of America, but if you don’t celebrate it you’re a racist — it is going to be people who are not from America who are going to be in theory funding older white people who are getting to their Social Security, Medicare age. I don’t think that can last.” [Politico, 3/08/14]

Coulter Suggested Death Squads For Republicans Who Vote For Amnesty. “Amnesty is forever and I think you got to vote for the Republicans one more time and just make it clear- but if you pass amnesty, that’s it, it’s over, then we organize the death squads for the people who wrecked America.” [CPAC, 3/08/14, @30:25]

Coulter Compared Immigration Growth to Rape.   “Pundits working for MSNBC, she said, are the intellectual shock troops charged with hammering home the pro-immigration, liberal propaganda. ‘My favorite network for humor is MSNBC. They’re always sneering, ‘Demographics are changing,’ said Coulter. ‘No this isn’t a natural process,’ she continued. ‘It’s like you’re being raped and the guy is telling you ‘Sorry, my penis is in you. There’s nothing you can do about it.’ ‘No,’ she said, ‘you’re raping me!’” [Raw Story, 3/11/14]

Trump Criticized Immigration, Said Immigrants “Are Taking Your Jobs.”  Talking Points Memo reported: “Trump attacked Rubio for wanting to ‘let everyone in,’ claiming that undocumented immigrants admitted to the country legally wouldn't even vote Republican. ‘Immigration. We're either a country or we're not. We either have borders or we don't,’ Trump, who often rails against ‘amnesty,’ told conservative attendees at Thursday's Conservative Political Action Conference.” International Business Times reported that Trump said: “With immigration you better be smart, you better be tough…They are taking your jobs, and you better be careful.” [Talking Points Memo, 3/06/14; International Business Times, 3/06/14]