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Mar 25, 2009

Career Albany Politician Jim Tedisco’s Bogus $300 Billion Claim

Career Albany politician Jim Tedisco continues to make bogus claims based on make believe numbers when it comes to the president's economic recovery plan that will create jobs and cut taxes Upstate.  At last night's debate, he continued to falsely claim that the bill contains $300 billion in "pork," a number that he can only reach if he thinks tax cuts, budget relief that will help prevent property tax increases, and investments in infrastructure can all be categorized as "pork."  When pressed on the question, Tedisco couldn't come up with an answer.


"By career Albany politician Jim Tedisco's standards, middle class tax cuts, health care, and infrastructure investments are ‘pork.'  That definition may work well for a career Albany politician but it definitely doesn't work for Upstate families who stand to receive the biggest tax cut in American history," said Jennifer Crider, Communications Director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "Tedisco is so busy grandstanding he must not have time to get his facts straight.  Middle class tax cuts and 76,000 jobs are exactly what Upstate families struggling in this economy need."


RHETORIC: Jim Tedisco is opposed to the President's economic recovery package because there is "$300 billion dollars" worth of "pork" included in the plan. [WNYT Debate, 3/24/09]


REALITY:  Even if he were to add up the bill's entire investment in infrastructure and science, unemployment benefits, energy, and education and job training, Tedisco would still be short of $300 billion.


Recovery package breakdown [] 


$288 Billion in Tax Relief

$144 Billion in State and Local Budget Relief

$111 Billion in Infrastructure and Science

$81 Billion for Unemployment, Food Stamps, etc.

$59 Billion for Health Care

$53 Billion for Education and Job Training

$43 Billion for Energy Technology

$8 Billion Other