Campaign 2010

Mar 16, 2009

Career Albany Politician Jim Tedisco Puts Politics First. Again.

RNC Chairman Michael Steel is open to "punishing" GOPers that support President Obama's economic recovery package.  [Your World with Neil Cavuto, FOX News, 2/25/09]


Steele renews pledge to "not raise money and give money to Republicans" who back the stimulus and earmark spending. [Laura Ingraham Radio Show, 3/4/09]


GOPers in NY-20 are less than enthused about career Albany politician Jim Tedisco's candidacy because Tedisco took a "muddied stance on the stimulus." [National Review Online, 3/16/09]


Almost a month after the president signed the bill into law and days after a new poll showed his campaign was in serious trouble, Tedisco finally takes a position.  [Albany Times Union, 3/16/09]


"It's amazing that NY-20 voters don't have whiplash from Career Albany politician Jim Tedisco's month of dodging on President Obama's economic recovery package," said Jennifer Crider, Communications Director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "Four days after declaring his independence from Washington Republicans, Tedisco bowed to Republican leaders' pressure by announcing his opposition to the president's economic recovery package that would cut middle class taxes and save or create 76,000 jobs Upstate."


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